Biography of any businessman

biography of any businessman

Literature, Science and Technology. Traders[ edit ] Since a "businessman" can mean anyone in industry or commerce, [5] businessmen have existed as long as industry and commerce have existed. It was during high school that he started his first business, Jeff Bezos Author. Editors. Website Name. The website. URL. " The Business Man " is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe about a businessman boasting of his accomplishments. It was published in February in Burton's Gentleman's. Her ideas and business practices were revolutionary. Proffit then enters the Assault -and- Battery business.

Businessmen Biographies A selection of famous businessmen and business women.

biography of any businessman

Thomas Edison — Edison filed biogrwphy 1, patents during his life. He made a fortune through the electric light bulb and other inventions such as the phonograph. Richard Branson - A biography of any businessman school drop out, Richard Branson founded the Virgin group of more than companies.

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Steve Jobs — Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple Computers, and a leading exponent of the personal computer biography of any businessman. Jobs oversaw the development of busineswman innovations in the mobile technology revolution such as iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Anita Roddick — Anita Roddick was the founder of the Body Shop, a cosmetic firm, with strong ethical principles. Bill Gates Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates helped revolutionise operating systems for personal computers, becoming one of richest persons on the planet.

He now works full-time for his charitable foundation. Pioneered the use of Mass biogrzphy for motor cars, helping to reduce the price and make cars affordable for the average American consumer.

Coco Chanel Coco Chanel was a French designer and costume maker, instrumental in defining feminine style and dress during the 20th Century. Her ideas and business practices were revolutionary. Sir Titus Salt — — a Victorian businessman who developed successful manufacture of Alpaca biography of any businessman in Bradford, Yorkshire.

biography of any businessman

Also famous for building his model village in Saltaire, and being one of few businessmen of the era to care about his workers. Gutenberg — Inventor of the first printing press in Germany.

biography of any businessman

Also created one of first publishing firms, selling many copies of the mass produced books, like the Gutenberg Bible. Oprah Winfrey - Influential talk show host, who has also created a successful business empire, including her highly influential book club.

She is considered one biographt the most influential women in the world. Robert Owen — — Welsh social reformer who attempted to build utopian socialist and co-operative movement. Muhammad Yunus — Bangladeshi banker and economist. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in micro-finance, a scheme for helping poor people to have greater access to finance at low interest rates. He developed concepts of micro-credit and micro-finance as an effective way to promote economic development.

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