Biography of magdalena cantoria

biography of magdalena cantoria

Campos - http: For her paper on the Morphology and Anatomy Rauvofia vomitoria Afz. Cantoria Marble, 96 x 61 cm Religious - Gallery by LUCA DELLA ROBBIA View E, Paint Gallery art, Painters,Picture, Image. Philippine Inventors and Sciencetists. Scope Note:This webliography consists of selected biographical websites, web pages and articles about Filipino inventors and. Campos - http:

Pharmacy at the University of the Philippines cum laude - M.

Botany at the University of amgdalena Philippines - M. Pharmacy at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy MCP - Ph. Botany at University of Chicago - Honor Societies Phi Sigma Magdalenz Sciences, UP - awards in and Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society, MCP Chapter - Sigma Xi research science, University of Chicago - Career and Contributions With biography of magdalena cantoria and botany as background, Dr.

biography of magdalena cantoria

Cantoria's researches dealt particularly on the morphology, physiology and biochemistry of drug plants. She has done studies on the pharmacognosy of agar from Philippine seaweedrauwolfia, datura, mint and biography of magdalena cantoria species; these are considered pioneering research efforts in cantria pharmaceutical science.

biography of magdalena cantoria

For her paper on the Morphology and Anatomy Rauvofia vomitoria Afz. Cantoria received the Edwin Leigh Newcomb Award pharmacognosy given by the American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education inand again in with Edward S.

Mika on the growth and development of Datura starmonium L. She is also the recipient of Phi Sigma Awards for marked distinction in Biology inand Biograph Outstanding Phi Sigman in She has received numerous accolades and recognition for her research and contributions, including: Elected as Academician to the National Academy of Science and Technology NAST - Recognition for Noteworthy Leadership and Distinctive Dedication - as Dean, UP College of Pharmacy - Permanent appointment as Professor Emeritus, University of the Philippines - Achievement Award from the National Research Council of the Philippines - Dr.

Pharmacognosy in Action - the biography of magdalena cantoria of drugs of biological origin, Bicutan: National Research Council of the Phillipines - Workbooks in Pharmacognosy, parts I and II, Bicutan: National Research Council of the Philippines - Selected Topics in Pharmacognosy, Taguig: National of Science and Technology - Pharmacognosy in Action and in Practice - She is also featured in "A Century of Women in the Health Sciences AD ", published in DEATH NOTICE - In Loving Memory October 25, — December 25, Dr.

In her new life, she joins her parents, Domingo Cantoria and Maria de la Cuesta Cantoria, and niece Maria Remedios Consuelo Magno Cantoria.

biography of magdalena cantoria

Her love and memories will be treasured in the hearts of her brother Alfredo and sister-in-law Filomena G. Magno "Melba" Cantoria and her nephews grandchildren: She will dearly be missed by numerous biographies of magdalena cantoria in biographg Cantoria and de la Cuesta families, the in-laws in the Magno family, special friends Pacing Abis, Cely Kaluag, Cris Austria, Lillian Ungson, Agnes Rimando, Raymond and Rose Salinas, and many other friends and relatives.

The family has interred the cremated remains of Dr. Cantoria at the Parish Church of the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary at West Triangle. The Parish of The Hearts of Jesus and Mary is located at Bulletin St corner Daily Mirror St.

She can be visited at crypt A Reference NAST Profile of Magdalena Cantoria. Accessed on July 26,

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