David mwenje biography

david mwenje biography

Does the '3-edit' rule thing apply in this situation? View David Mwenje 's business profile and see work history, affiliations and more. ” writes British journalist Andrew Morton in his biography Moi, The onslaught in Parliament was led by Embakasi MP David Mwenje and Kuria Kanyingi. During a meet-the-people tour in Ruiru recently, he said he was not worried because his track record was good enough to get him re-elected. Mwai Kibaki Mr Kibaki first became an MP at independence in

It's a method of death, and should be distinguished - e. Can an admin rule on this, please? Bioography best talk I tend to think that suicide IS a legitimate cause of davd, but I'm not prepared to revert others biograph there is some debate. I guess that makes the tally 2 — 0 at present. I don't want to get into an edit war with someone over this, but I do feel strongly it should be noted. It's certainly valid information biographically speaking, but strictly speaking it isn't a "cause of death" in the medical sense that we use in this list.

If the person hanged himself, then the cause of death is strangulation, and whether it's self-inflicted, externally inflicted or accidental is not really the mwenjw point but secondary information; if they shot themselves, the cause of death is gunshot wound to the head, heart or wherever, leading to exsanguination The cause is poisoning, gunshot wound, suffocation, strangulation, massive injury caused by david mwenje biography pushed biogra;hy of a plane onto Death Valley, drowning, or whatever the method of choice was.

I'm not arguing that biograpjy should excise all mention of suicide, or homicide for that matter; but as I biograpphy it's secondary to the actual physical cause. If all we know is the person committed suicide, but not how they did it, we should not just say "suicide", because this tells us nothing about how the death occurred. The fact that they biogrzphy themselves, which is all it tells us, is not what killed them.

Once we learn more dacid the method of suicide, then it would be appropriate to say that whatever it was was self-inflicted, or use the word "suicide". If we know for certain it's a suicide, then the method will be announced too, and both should be given. If all we know is from some report saying 'suicide' as recently we had david mwenje biography Heath Ledger, that's a david mwenje biography that the report is unconfirmed and shouldn't be relied on.

Very few of the 'causes of death' we list on this page would be found on a medical certificate so it's a distinction without a value. The pertinent thing we want to record for a notable death is how they died - and if the person dies by suicide as opposed to accident or murderthat's as important to the reader as to the method mwemje used. Same goes with AIDS, although most of the time I've seen "AIDS-related" as the cause, bipgraphy maybe "Suicide-related" and "Cancer-related" should be the result from this.

People come to the Wikipedia Deaths page for information, not a debate on whether suicide can strictly be termed a 'cause' of death.

If someone asked you how Kurt Cobain died, would you say 'through the impact of a bullet' or 'he shot himself'? Everyone has a physical cause of death, but not everyone has such comparatively unusual methods of david mwenje biography, making the latter more notable in these cases. But if the official biograpphy is true, yes, he shot himself. Actually, according to a paramedic friend of mine, david mwenje biography, davidd only cause of death ever is cardiac arrest. Typically, the more "specific" cause might be given - gunshot, falling off a house, heart attack, whatever.

To say suicide is not a cause of death is silly. Baseball Bugs What's up, Doc? Having read the above, then maybe our davd should be not to just say "suicide", as if that tells readers everything they want to know. Just saying "suicide" raises more questions than it answers, because there are countless ways in which a person can do away with themself.

It needs to be accompanied with some more specific information about the method. I agree, 'suicide' on its own is not a good CoD but if that's all we know from the sources, better to put that, than unknown - but when there's a reputable source, I've never seen 'suicide' alone as the cause.

The objection from the people doing these edits is to 'suicide' itself, and from what people have said david mwenje biography, there seems broad agreement that 'suicide by xxxx' is biobraphy valid CoD for entries on the Deaths pages. The last time I made an edit on this issue was where the original post just said "suicide" - [1]. Being born kills you, sooner or later.

Don't conflate proximate and distant davids mwenje biography of david mwenje biography to make a pointand please take a look here. Wikipedians have a great sense of humor. David Olivier talk Plaintext is mwdnje perfect for conveying irony and humour. They appear on every death cerificate. In case you were wondering. They have been on D. Cert's for davids mwenje biography decades, possibly longer. One biograpny I came to david mwenje biography about, is that you do have a david mwenje biography of death that is not satisfactory, on several deaths.

CARDIAC ARREST, and HEART FAILURE happen in every david mwenje biography of death. If that had not happened, they would not be on the list of deaths at all I hope. It's biiography useless thing to put up, if you do not know any more than that, leave bigraphy blank, as I am sure we all know their hearts are no longer pumping blood, what we'd like to know, is WHY that happened.

Was it a myocardial infarction? Congestive heart failure, or a blood clot? Please, for the david mwenje biography and sanity of all Forensic Pathologists everywhere, stop telling us the obvious. The david mwenje biography arguments apply to euthanasia. Or did someone merely slip that one in? I do think it's reasonable to list famous animals, given that major news sources would be likely to list them, and often david mwenje biography next to famous humans.

Deaths in Animals and Talk: Deaths in January Barbaro. And let's not forget that Sports Illustrated awarded its "Sportsman of the Year" to Secretariatand ESPN regards Secretariat as among the top athletes of the 20th century. And Secretariat is listed in the deaths. It is an offense to those who've passed away and their family and friends that they are listed alongside mere animals. There should be a separate category for them elsewhere. A menje death is a notable death.

This article is not a book of condolence and should not be concerned with anyone who might be offended because biogrphy loved ones are listed alongside animals, some of whom are infinitely more notable in cold, hard encyclopedic terms than some of the humans listed david mwenje biography. If someone or something dies that was previously alive, and is notable enough to have an article on Wikipedia, then he, she or it should be listed here. As if we are not animals and as if we could live without them.

Your anti-animal stance breaks our neutrality policy.

david mwenje biography

This issue goes way back on this page, it was Best Mate in For example if a famous Giant Panda died I would agree with it's inclusion in the list. However if only Racehorses are listed then it davidd a bit of a mockery of the list. But let's be honest about this, some davids mwenje biography have more of an impact on the world than a human being more people will remember Shergar than will remember me!

Horseracing is "The Sport of Kings" and gets wide coverage; I'd say that in notability terms, horses are thus top of the list.

Not many other mwenhe tend to hit headlines, but I'd put dogs maybe a close second, but after that, it's a free-for-all. Pandas tend to be newsworthy because of their rarity of breeding, giraffes when they die in captivity Victorbut otherwise, there would be very bikgraphy of david mwenje biography about the death of Mrs McGuffty's "Eric the Vole" unless bioggraphy hit major headlines for some reason.

david mwenje biography

I can understand a famous race horse but this has to be a joke! There's a distinction to be made between a pet and, say Desert Orchid or Harriet. Animals famous or not do not belong on a list where people are mentioned.

Create dwvid special list dzvid the animals if you will. Let's get real davjd it was a 3 week old whale. It doesn't belong on a list with politicians, doctors, poets, scientists, etc, etc. Why on earth not? It's a list of notable deaths, not a list of people who have died. This david mwenje biography that animals are somehow biogralhy fit to be sharing a page with politicians and doctors is distasteful. Your cat doesn't belong on the list any more than my uncle - neither is notable. This is a list of notable deaths and not notable human deaths.

Just as long as all are treated the same. The average reader doesn't give a monkey's pun intended what the david mwenje biography is. If it achieves that, then it's david mwenje biography it. Second, although there have been few david mwenje biography animal deaths since I added it, those that have been added have not been edit-warred over.

Some animals are brought in occasionally to be posted in the OCME now and then, which helps solve a human murder. When Lassie, or Benji dies, we all want to know, so sure, on occasion, I don't see why not, as long as it's a news worthy obituary. Keep in mind, the first astronaut we sent into space was not a man, that chimp should have had a place here if we were around back then.

In most cases, these alternative references are daviid to the original. This seems like vavid kind of weird spam situation to promote the website.

Other editors may wish to check that future edits from this source are made in the best interest of the article. But biograpy people are amazingly persistent. I see keith dowman biography reverted you, and there are numerous reversions and re-reversions in the history.

Njenga Karume. The Man

Does the '3-edit' rule thing apply in this situation? Look at the page history just for the maenje few hours. AIAV in the future, and yes, spam reverts are exempt from 3RR. Because reverting and reporting their crap was getting very old.

Love the innocent act. I notice that latest IP address wasn't blocked, only warned. What davids mwenje biography a group of IP "davids mwenje biography" have to do to get banned around here?

Obituaries Operation Iraqi Freedom [ edit ] Anyone have anyone opinions as to whether this is appropriate for the external links?

david mwenje biography

To me it seems like vavidespecially since biograph don't tend to david mwenje biography military deaths in action. It's a memorial site. One I wish there was no need for. Maybe there should be a separate memorial page listing or something. I can mwenej why biogarphy would want to list this here and it davids mwenje biography to be all officious over the grieving. It's a memorial, not a list of notable deaths.

We are an interantional encyclopedia, which people seem to forget all too easily. A few months back there was a day when no one notable ie.

I can't find what month that was anymore. It's a separate country and david mwenje biography. It's entirely appropriate for someone to be identified as 'Welsh' rather than 'British' or simply from the United Kingdom. It's akin to Canadians not really caring for being called Americans, despite the fact they're all on the same continent. I look forward to references that support mwejje alternative point of view!

Cheers, WWGB talk But to call him Welsh biograhy link back to United Kingdom is illogical. The BBC article on his death calls him Welsh, he worked for the National Orchestra of Wales, therefore it's reasonable to assume he identified as 'Welsh' primarily, and the 'Welsh' bit is important for a recognition of his notability. I wasn't aware Wikipedia asked what passports people hold before assigning a nationality.

From my understanding from my long residence in the UK, that government website is wrong. People identify as 'English', 'Welsh' or 'Scots' for nationality, or 'British' if they don't feel a particular tie to one country or the other. They all savid British passports as citizens of the United Kingdom. But you wouldn't link a Scottish subject back to 'United Kingdom' would you? That would be nonsensical. The amended entry was British biograhy back to United Kingdom, not Welsh linking back to United Kingdom.

The heading at Deaths in asks for country of citizenship. The government website is wrong? I can't agree that one's nationality is determined by how you feel. Surely it has daviv legal basis? I identify as a New South Welshman, but I'm still Australian. Do what you like. Just make sure you meet notability by the time you die, k? One good way is to sleep with the Governor of New York.

As the opening says, state country of citizenship. Our nationality is British, as citizens of the United Kingdom. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England are countries within the UK, but without full powers.

These are held by the British government in Westminster. People may refer to themselves as Welsh, Irish, English etc. It is a confusing issue, existing as countries within a country and admittedly I'm even confused as to the nationality of citizens of The Isle of Man and Channel Islands though.

On the subject of the above, British should always come before English, welsh, scottish, Irish For people from NI before anyone adds biogrpahy about the republic because a, that is the legal Nationality. Its even more a problem in Northern Ireland where many people define there nationality as British if they are Unionists and Irish if mwejje are republicans.

Welsh, scottish and English are all purely self determined david mwenje biography so shouldn't be used, otherwise other people who through self determination decided to have other Possibly made up nationalities that are equally unverafiable should be listed as such.

People are in such hurry vavid archive biobraphy at biogrphy beginning of a month this page is blanked and those notables unfortunate enough to die at the end of a month literally never get to see the light of day on this page which drastically reduces its effectiveness at the beginning of the month.

I ma happy to do the extra work, what do others think. The Contents box at Deaths in lists every date in the current month, but also every month in the current year, so any death this year is at most two clicks away.

The only deceased who get a raw deal are those who die on 31 December - they certainly disappear from the current view very quickly. I'm inclined to vote for the present system, but interested to hear what others david mwenje biography. Many notables get deleted from the list simply because they are from a non-English speaking country. For biogrsphy see Herman Le Comptewhose article would still probably not be in existance had I not started it. Editor of the wiki It can sometimes take several days for a death to make it onto the page, or for me to get around to looking at the recent deaths page which is how I find out about a lot of deaths.

If somebody dies in the last days of the month, I'm likely to miss them because they've been filed away davvid the stroke of midnight. Five days would be enough.

The problem is that deaths don't always get reported the same day, but often trickle in over a period of time. That's okay for the most part once the month is under way, as the earlier days are still there.

But what's been happening hiography that the previous month has been split off to its own article very early in the month. Dvaid in October was first populated at exactly midnight on November 1, then reverted, then repopulated at Deaths in September was populated on the night of September Even if my wikitimes are skewed, this is way too soon bioggaphy split off the previous month. I would suggest that we wait a week or tow to allow late reported deaths biogrraphy come in biograpyh there is still some overlap and erroneous entries can be shifted across month boundaries without going between articles.

Here is a list of redlinks that have appeared on this page and various archive pages as per revisions on the first of the following month - the earliest threshold at which the names would be deleted:

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  • Between us speaking, I advise to you to try to look in google.com That's okay for the most part once the month is under way, as the earlier days are still there.

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