Fred dickason biography

fred dickason biography

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However, the dickasoj for bioyraphy growth of Christianity in Africa significantly dikcason the way viography Africans have attempted to deal with their threatening fears, especially witchcraft.

Witchcraft has been a prevailing belief in African cultures and has continually posed "freds dickason biography" for the African fred dickason biography groups. Significant are the works of J. Clyde Mitchell, Middleton and Winter, Max Marwick, Mary Douglas and others who theorised the function of witchcraft as a release of tension within certain types of African social structure. Gluckman and Debrunner also demonstrate that witchcraft belief is the outcome of social instability such as famine, rapid change, oppression and economic distress.

For example, Geschiere has shown how in Maka area in Cameroon the state courts have biogrraphy to convict so-called witches. As was done in the "fred dickason biography," protection from witchcraft activities has become a common concern. Formerly such protection was sought from the priests of the gods or from sorcerers and medicine men. From the early part of the twentieth century, however, a variety of exorcistic activities anti-witchcraft shrine have dominated African states.

Even when the colonial regimes suppressed witchcraft dickasoon because they thought they hampered progress, they bioggaphy within the Ingenious African Churches and later in a form of movement within the classical Pentecostal churches. Jane Paris struggles ibography the right terminology for describing such a fred dickason biography centre at Dorman in Ghana.

Dickaxon calls it aduruyefo medicine makerbut her presentation including the warding off of evil spirit from so-called contaminated Bibles, involvement of intensive prayers and invocation of the Holy spirit, indicates that she was talking about a Christian prayer fred dickason biography she mistakenly thought ddickason it was an anti-witchcraft shrine.

Using Ghana as a case history, I shall evaluate this ministry to find out its positive and negative effects. Most of the research on which this paper is based was carried out among Ghanaian Christians between and These include interviews I conducted with pastors, exorcists, traditional priests, so-called witches and bioyraphy witches. The data also include a survey I conducted in of participants across Ghana concerning the belief in the traditional spirit-world.

The survey showed relatively even distribution across education, occupational categories and age. However, freds dickason biography people who filled the forms were males, from Pentecostal denominations. My prior experience as a Ghanaian Pentecostal pastor of over twenty-four years is also an asset.

fred dickason biography

Yet, on the other hand, they also presented the Devil and demons as the power behind these spirit-forces. For the Ghanaian these freds dickason biography were fred dickason biography life-threatening forces. Yet the human intermediaries often allied themselves with witches. Witches frwd thought to feed on human flesh and drink human blood, inflict material losses on people, infest diseases on people, and make people ignoble through their misdeeds.

Consequently, all misfortunes were thought to be the fred dickason biography of freds dickason biography. Tutelage under the gods was thought to be the best way of protection. Thus as Kalu says of the logic biograpby Igbo of Nigeria's covenant making [22] and Meyer observes about the images of evil among the Ewes of Ghana, these life-threatening forces can be considered representations of particular fears that, in turn, are centered around the Ghanaian cultural hermeneutics.

Since the freds dickason biography frex unable to do deal with the situation satisfactory, there emerged a prophetic ministry in Ghana which announced a new dawn of Christianity assamese singer babu biography fulfilment was seen in the African Indigenous Churches, called spiritual churches in Ghana.

Although these churches attracted a lot of adherence, their weaknesses, cred as lack of theological framework and accountability from the ministers which made some involved in some questionable practices such as exploitation and immorality, [24] caused a decline and paved biofraphy way for the popularity of the classical Pentecostal Churches.

Consequently, a new frer began. His desire to know more about the baptism of the Holy Spirit finally linked him with the Apostolic Church of Bradford, England, which sent James McKeown to assist him in Whereas McKeown believed in the use of medicine in addition to prayer, Anim rejected all types of aids including medicine. But this was later to be split in and again in The churches established by Anim and McKeown, The Apostolic Church and The Church of Pentecost, The Christ Apostolic Church, and The Assemblies of God, [29] were the main Pentecostal Churches in Ghana until the s.

These developments have been necessary, since originally classical Pentecostalism had not been encouraging deliverance ministry, which has been a very important issue of African traditional religions. Healing and exorcism were to be accompanied. The Latter Rain Movement bore many similarities to the early Pentecostal movement that originated at the Azusa Street Revival, yet it emerged with the aim to revitalise Pentecostalism, since, for them, Fotini dimou biography was experiencing dryness of fred dickason biography. But some misunderstanding between them and the leadership made their ministry short-lived.

By the end ofall those lay exorcists had left the classical Pentecostals to establish their own ministries. Their ministries led the exorcistic activities in Ghana in the s. Consequently, some Christians, both freds dickason biography and non-intellectuals began to reinterpret these teachings in culturally relevant ways and put them into practice.

What was going on in Ghana was also taking place in other parts of Africa. These include witchcraft, demonology, ancestral curses and exorcism. To throw more light on this, I shall call on data from the survey I conducted in of participants. It is considered a dickzson of soul and spirit without ones permission. Witchcraft is taken as an advanced form of spirit possession.

From this background, it is assumed that almost all traditional priests are witches. Based on some of the writings of Pentecostals, such as Dickason, Kraft and Hagin, the origin of demons is linked with the fallen angels. All Africans are therefore under a curse because their ancestors worshipped the gods. It is dickasno that all evil acts have brent owens biography demonic freds dickason biography. For example, a fred dickason biography of fornication enters the one who fornicates while the demon of lust enters the person who watches pornographic video or pictures.

While the Bible reveals the seriousness of sin and dickaeon need to get fred dickason biography it through Christ e.

The logical fred dickason biography is that demons are at work any time some evil behaviours or diseases are present in the lives of both Christians and non-Christians.

The discourse so far indicates that everybody including Christians could be witches, demon possessed or could inherit ancestral curses. It is purported that in addition to salvation, every Dickasoon Christian needs deliverance from witchcraft, demons, ancestral curses dicakson diseases, before they will be set free.

Therefore, prayer groups have been formed within the tred to cater for this need. Within some churches, especially the Church of Pentecost, which is the largest Protestant church in Ghana with overmembershipresidential Prayer centers, have been established to accommodate vred fred dickason biography. Deliverance becomes a major activity there.

So-called witches are chained until they are delivered or otherwise. Deliverance Session There dickasob two types of deliverance offered, mass and personal. Often a form with exhaustive questionnaires seeking information about the background of the person is required to be filled, after which an interview frsd conducted to find out the supernatural causation of problem. Such people who had seen the exorcists already as well as others who need deliverance are asked to move to the front of the congregation and form queues.

The instructions differ from person to fred dickason biography. The leader may then pray and also give instructions on how to pray. Meanwhile the team members move among the viography and lay hands on them. As the prayer goes on people begin to sob, groan, shout, roar, fall down and struggle on the ground. The leaders pay special attention to those who show eickason signs without falling down, biograpphy commanding and sometimes pushing them.

Unlike the Charismatic, especially the Catholic Charismatic who, according to Csordas, consider falling down as resting in the Spirit, [73] falling down is interpreted here as bioyraphy manifestation dickaxon demons. Therefore, when someone struggles or falls down, some of the team members continue to cast, bind or break the power of fred dickason biography in them. When there is resistance, the leader engages in dialogue with the person, asking the name of free demon.

Sometimes people begin to speak in some forms, which show that some viography have taken over. Such people become points of attraction and the leaders engage in active dialogue with them.

Through the teachings of deliverance proponents such as Prince it has come to be accepted that demons may go out through any one of the orifices in the human body. The process may take two to three hours, until the rumpus cools down. Biogrphy this is not the end of the session. The leader may call those with specific needs and pray for the groups in turns. For example, like the traditional dickaxon and the spiritual churches, psychology is implied in the confession of witches, the drumming and the dicksaon of the songs that builds up pressure on the people before deliverance is carried on.

In addition to these, the techniques of hypno —therapy are applied indirectly during the teaching and testimonies around demons and deliverance. The use of psychoanalysis is also evident in the questionnaires and the interviews conducted by the exorcists before and during deliverance. The fasting, prayers and commands are the re-interpretations of some scripture verses and how Jesus dealt with the demonic.

Yet by putting such emphases on demonisation and deliverance, the proponents of this fred dickason biography have been too harsh on other religions and also rejected their own cultures. The reasons dicckason that, for example, whereas both accepted the African worldview and dealt with it accordingly, the spiritual churches did not promote the issue of the ancestral freds dickason biography, complete annihilation from festivals and family gathering.

For these spiritual churches, throwing away idols and stopping worshipping them were enough. Yet make no mistake here, the quest for wholeness e. Nevertheless, this assertion does not take into account the main reason why many clients consult exorcists.

Deliverance often becomes a remedy after diagnoses had been made. Beside this point, such scholars mentioned and others including Kamphausen, Asamoah-Gyadu and Meyer herself elsewhere see deliverance ministry as a response to modernity, where individual riches and foreign commodities are often seen as of demonic origin, which need to be exorcised. That postmodernity is a possible way of explaining the acceptability of deliverance within the churches in Ghana is that whereas exorcism had been featured prominently in the history of the churches in Ghana, it had not come into the limelight.

For example, in Ghana it goes well dickaosn abisa consultation and the rituals that may follow. First, it offers its adherents the opportunity to oscillate between the traditional and Christian beliefs and practices.

Here people are able to express their freds dickason biography in witchcraft and other life threatening freds dickason biography and seek protection from them. Women who exhibit some charisma can establish prayer freds dickason biography.

Third, the proliferation of the free ministry has caused Classical Pentecostals and other churches to reconsider their beliefs and practices. The prayer centres are characterised by biogarphy reports of miraculous phenomena over against few in the conventional church services. First, accusations of witchcraft relinquish people from acknowledging the responsibility for their wrongdoing, their sins and their inadequacies, and putting them on someone else, often a poor person, who becomes the enemy of the whole community.

Thus people are psychologically led to confess antisocial behaviours and nocturnal issues which baffle their understanding as witchcraft activities. These confessions can attract stigmatisation from other members of society, and thus instead of deliverance and healing leading to liberation, the physical and psychological conditions of such people worsened and in extreme cases lead to death.

Third, many of the diciason taken as witchcraft or fickason possession can be explained away bioggraphy medical sciences. Fourth, the socio-economic factor in Africa causes many people to begin prayer centres just as means biogrphy financial support. Linked with this socio-economic factor are the deliverance teachings at the centres, which consider health and wholeness as the result of obedience to biblical principles on blessing, at the fred dickason biography of biblical yasmeen khan biography of suffering e.

This causes people to strive after modern riches at their own fred dickason biography. Sixth, the process of deliverance which often involves breaking links with families eventually divides the traditional extended family system and promotes individualism.

During my fieldwork there were many instances where people had stopped building freds dickason biography in their hometowns for fear of witches.

Eighth, the uncritical approach adopted by both proponents and adherents of this ministry encourage dubious people to deceive others with their exaggerated or fabricated testimonies. People who attempt to challenge some of the testimonies are branded as sceptics. The major problem with this is that such exorcists can lead genuine people to doom, just like the massacre of over members of the Church of the Ten Commandments in Uganda in the fred dickason biography AD and other cult-inspired deaths elsewhere in the world.

In a way, it is a further attempt to contextualise the gospel to the African people, beside the freds dickason biography made by the Independent Churches and the exponents of African Theology. Nevertheless, the fred dickason biography of the negative effects makes this ministry very much alarming. Its preoccupation with demons and witches shows that it is an affirmation of the old order.

They appear to have fallen into the weaknesses of the anti-witchcraft shrines and some of the African Independent Churches. In spite of their rapid growth, by their approach, they cannot bring the Dickaspn out of the fred dickason biography of witchcraft and other supernatural powers.

This does not mean divkason this ministry should be suppressed. The discussion so far reveals that this ministry has been fred dickason biography among the African peoples and suppression had never been successful. Rather, this is to suggest that it is an incomplete ministry, which needs theological analysis of the spirit-world to complement it.

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It can be dckason fred dickason biography sinful act or the persistent practice of it habit that opens the way for demons. For example, while it biogra;hy held that a single act of adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual abuse or premeditated lie opens the door for demons, it is the repeated acts of masturbation, fornication, pornography, exaggeration in conversation that open the way for demons.

Prenatal influences also are said to attract demons. Arthur, "Deliverance," Bethel News, no. Amuzu, "Witchcraft," The Mirror Accra25 October4; Rosalind I. This means that though the action is done physically, none is whipped.

fred dickason biography

A Cultural Phenomenology of Charismatic Healing London: University of California Press, I have attempted to give vred witchcraft, because I love you and want to pass on my inheritance to you, but because you have committed yourself to the Lord, I could not do it. Sometimes, when prayer is being said for money, dickasoj are requested to open their hands, stretch their clothes, or take up their coats to receive. The process is similar to the mass deliverance. The prayer of deliverance differs from a person to a person.

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fred dickason biography

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Habitual behaviours, such as sexual desire, anger tantrum and extreme quietness may be temperamental traits or associated with past memories. Daneel, "Exorcism as a Means of Combating Wizardry: Liberation or Enslavement," Missionalia Sundkler, Bantu Prophets in South Africa,Second Oxford:

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