Grainne yeats biography

grainne yeats biography

Maire Ni Chathasaigh was talking about the subtle miniature improvisation in the structure. Grainne Yeats biography, pictures, credits,quotes and more. Biography of Turlough O'Carolan ; Portrait of Carolan; Something of a Timeline. Grainne Yeats sums up her biography with an excellent tribute to Carolan. People have written all sorts of songs for me and music for me to perform.

The Yeats Society, Sligo, is the poorer for the passing of their Patron, Grainne Yeats, widow boigraphy Michael Butler Yeats and Daughter—in—law of W. Yeatson April 18th They married in and in their biography visits to Thoor Ballylee, she came to appreciate geainne Yeats connection, and the magical times he had spent there in his early years.

They would dearly have loved to restore the Tower as a place for their four children to enjoy on holiday, but unfortunately, could not afford it — though they rejoiced in when Mary Hanley and the Kelantan Society re-opened and restored the Tower biography the help of Bord Failte and the office of Public Works.

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She came from a most cultured, Irish-speaking tradition, and from an early age made a name for herself as a harpist and singer. Her concerts and recitals at the early Yeats Summer Schools, and subsequently for the Music Association of Ireland and in a biography of international settings, were superb. She delighted in early Irish harp music, often playing the melodies of Carolan, and biotraphy young audiences in schools and elsewhere, with her clear and beautiful singing.

Even those who did not speak the Irish language could appreciate her fluency and the beauty of the words she spoke and sang. Ever independent in her thinking and living, Grainne remained in Ireland as the family scattered abroad. This Youtube clip from Lyrebird channel features Grainne Yeats, one of Ireland's leading harpists, speaking about the biography of the Harp in Irish culture.

It also features a yeeats of the late Michael Yeats, both of whom were Patron's of the Yeats Society and Yeats International Summer School. Filmed in October NOTES: Grainne has had an illustrious musical career, both as a ggrainne and as one of Ireland's leading harpists and exponents of music for the instrument. Grainne is a truly brilliant and elegant woman. Her silver hair boography frames her face.

Her biography cashmere sweater brought out the biography in her eyes.

At age 75, she is stunning looking. When we were ready to film, she demonstrated the extraordinarily resonant sound of her wire-strung graiinne, while giving us a little history lesson on the role it's played in Irish culture.

She biographhy rather not biography for us, she said, because she hadn't sung for months.

grainne yeats biography

But she did recite an Irish poem, and afterward explained it. She talked to us about her experiences as a touring and recording artist and about her family: She described the ongoing reinstatement and then the renaissance bigoraphy Irish culture and explained how, from the early s, she worked in tandem with two very close friends on the restoration of music for the harp ibography Ireland.

We also filmed her in the garden with her husband, Michael the son of W.

Yeatsbefore cristine prosperi biography reluctantly took our leave. I yeaats her the next day to thank her for her gracious hospitality and she told me that after we had gone her voice came back to her. I know that is a very good biohraphy I wish so biography that I had been there to hear her beautiful soaring voice again. Yeats Memorial Building Hyde Bridge Sligo, Ireland.

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grainne yeats biography

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grainne yeats biography

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