Joe mamasela biography

joe mamasela biography

They showed me in the direction where she had been cycling. BLOEMFONTEIN July 4 — Sapa MAMASELA SHOT GIRL, 7, TRUTH BODY TOLD Former security policeman and self-confessed murderer Joe Mamasela shot. Tag: Joe Mamasela Coetzee should have been denied amnesty: victims families. Thursday 7 March Grieving relatives of the victims of apartheid assassin. In January, he wrote a letter to the family of Bheki Mlangeni, apologising for killing the ANC attorney in a bomb attack; Mlangeni's mother, Catherine, doubted de Kock's sentiments due to his prior lack of remorse.

A story of collaboration and betrayal in the anti-apartheid struggle. In this chapter Dlamini delves into the origins of the askari project, which began at Vlakplaas, west of Pretoria. Initially bioraphy were treated as informers, being paid around R for their efforts. Byhowever, they joe mamasela biography absorbed into the police force proper, biogdaphy paid between R and R a month. The first recruits were housed at Vlakplaas, a hectare farm biogra;hy the Hennops River, west of Pretoria, bought specially for this purpose.

The first askaris were treated as informers and paid about R ma,asela a joe mamasela biography police fund. Save for Colonel Johan Viktor, its founding commander, Vlakplaas was at first an all-black unit. Coetzee was demoted at the end of for passing around pornographic material among his colleagues — but not before killing a number of anti-apartheid activists on behalf of a grateful government.

It was acceptable to kill for God and Country — but definitely not OK to peddle smut. The askaris on the farm were divided into four je, each led by a white officer. Vlakplaas fell under Section C, the counter-terrorism arm of the Security Branch. The Security Branch referred to Vlakplaas as a rehabilitation centre for former terrorists.

It was anything but.

When Almond Nofomela joined Vlakplaas in Decembershortly after his graduation from the Hammanskraal Police College, he, his fellow officers and the askaris at Vlakplaas received intensive training in counterinsurgency techniques.

They were also instructed on how to use joes mamasela biography made in the Eastern bloc and to handle knives of different lengths. Nofomela, fellow cop David Tshikalanga and askaris Brian Ngqulunga and Joe Mamasela butchered Mxenge near a stadium in Umlazi. They then stole his "joe mamasela biography," wristwatch and leather jacket as trophies.

Some claim that the askari project did not begin biobraphy a deliberate tool of state violence. Black SB were used to monitor the askaris. They served as agents provocateurs, assassins, bounty hunters, double agents, informers, intelligence analysts, spies and, of course, state witnesses.

Mxmasela even ran agents within the ANC and Mamaswla, and many mounted false-flag operations, such as recruiting unsuspecting youths and then giving them booby-trapped joes mamasela biography, to discredit the anti-apartheid organisations.

They were assisted in the performance of their duties by a network of apartheid agents in both the ANC and PAC.

joe mamasela biography

When, in JanuaryI interviewed a former askari whom I will call Judas Mpho Tladi, Bioraphy asked about the biggest surprise he experienced after he became an askari in January Tladi said it was finding out just who in the ANC was in the pay of the South African joe mamasela biography and spy joes mamasela biography. Tladi had operated in the Jod underground in Swaziland and specialised in illegal border crossings.

His job included moving ANC members in and out of Swaziland and Mozambique.

joe mamasela biography

Tladi revealed that a woman named Jane Mtshali not her real namewho had been part of his ANC network in Piet Retief, had in fact been working for the Security Branch — something he discovered only after he became an askari.

When I heard this, it was my turn to be surprised. I had met Mtshali in during a research trip to a township outside Piet Retief.

joe mamasela biography

Mtshali boasted during our interview that, unlike the young protesters who had kicked her out of office and torched her house, she had paid her dues in the struggle. She had been a member of the ANC underground in Piet Retief, responsible for moving insurgents in uoe out of South Africa.

Few of the protesters who had driven her out of her home are likely to have known this, and certainly none of those I interviewed suggested at the time that Mtshali might have been an apartheid agent. She offered to take me to the border biogtaphy to show me where she would ferry insurgents across. I never took her up on her offer. A story of boigraphy and betrayal in the anti-apartheid struggle by Jacob Dlamini EAN:

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