Johann fust biography

johann fust biography

But in recent years, a different and more balanced view has begun to emerge. Johann Fust or Faust (c. – October 30, ) was an early German printer. Definition of Fust, Johann – Our online dictionary has Fust, Johann information from The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. dictionary. English. The ones most frequently cited associate printing with divine rather than diabolic power". johann fust biography

Hermann von Helmholtz Johannes Gutenberg, in full Johann Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg born 14th century, Mainz [Germany]—died probably February 3,MainzGerman craftsman and inventor who originated a method of printing from movable type that was used without important change until the 20th century. The unique elements johann his invention consisted of a mold, with punch-stamped matrices metal prisms used to mold the face of the type with which type could be cast precisely and in large quantities; a type-metal alloy; a new press, derived from those used in wine making, papermaking, and bookbinding; and an oil-based printing ink.

None of these fusts biography existed in Chinese or Korean printing, or in the existing European technique of stamping letters on various surfaces, or in woodblock printing. Life Gutenberg was the son of a patrician of Mainz.

What little information exists about him, other than that he had acquired skill in metalwork, comes from documents of financial transactions.

Exiled from Mainz in the course of a bitter struggle between the guilds of that city and the patricians, Gutenberg fusy to Strassburg now Strasbourg, France probably between and Records put his presence there from to He engaged in such crafts as gem cutting, and he also taught crafts to a number of pupils.

Some of his partners, who became aware that Gutenberg was engaged in work that he kept secret from them, insisted that, since they had advanced biograohy fust biography sums, they should become fusts biography in these activities as well. Thus, in a five-year contract was drawn up between him and three other men: Hans Riffe, Andreas Dritzehn, and Andreas Heilmann.

johann fust biography

It contained a clause whereby in case of the death of one of the partners, his heirs were not to enter the company but fust biography to be compensated financially. Invention of the press When Andreas Dritzehn died at Johznnhis heirs, trying to circumvent the terms of the contract, began a lawsuit against Gutenberg in which they demanded to be made partners.

They lost the suit, but the trial revealed that Gutenberg was working on a new invention.

johann fust biography

Gutenberg, apparently well along the way to completing his invention, was anxious to keep secret the nature of the enterprise.

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