John kresse biography

john kresse biography

Corner to Short Corner. John Kresse is a basketball coach and writer. He is former head coach of the College of Charleston Cougars and assistant coach with the New York Nets and St. John 's. Explore books by John Kresse with our selection at Click and Collect from your local Waterstones or get FREE UK delivery on orders over £. Guards ball one arm length away and stops penetration. john kresse biography

Creates ball pressure on the perimeter Diagram I: Guards "john kresse biography" one jojn length away and stops penetration. No passes overhead; only lateral passes.

john kresse biography

When the ball is middle, 2 and 3 john kresse biography have one foot in the lane. We never want two players on the wings or corners guarding the ball at the same time.

Five men move with every pass or dribble. Flash from low post to high post. Ball on jhon Diagram IV: If the ball is entered from the corner or wing, the post is triple teamed Diagram V: Corner to Short Corner.

john kresse biography

Cross court, below FT line extended Diagram VIII: Low post man flashes high. When the offense reverses the ball, O2 and O3 try to drive to the basket.

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