John olorunfemi onaiyekan biography

john olorunfemi onaiyekan biography

Catholic Archdiocese of Abuja - NIGERIANS CALLED TO PROMOTE MUTUAL TRUST abujacatholicarchdiocese. Cardinal John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan was born on 29 January, to Bartholomew and Joan Onaiyekan in Kabba, now known as Kogi State. Cardinal John Onaiyekan is the yacht.humanf.organ biography -of-cardinal- john. Papal conclave, – Biography John Onaiyekan – John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan is the Roman Catholic Cardinal Archbishop of Abuja and a Cardinal. John_Olorunfemi _ Onaiyekan. Peter and Paul Major Seminary in Bodija, Ibadan from until

Mary's Catholic School in Kabba from untilMount St.

Michael's Secondary School in AliadeBenue Statefrom untiland Ss. He completed his john olorunfemi onaiyekan biography studies in Rome in and was ordained as a priest onaiyrkan 3 August of that year by Bishop Auguste Delisle of Ilorin.

john olorunfemi onaiyekan biography

Kizito's CollegeIsanluin He became rector of St. Clement Junior Seminary in Lokoja in He completed biogtaphy Licentiate of Sacred Scripture in and earned his doctorate in He became Bishop of Ilorin in In he was named Coadjutor Bishop of the Abuja.

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When that diocese became an Archdiocese on 26 MarchOnaiyekan became its first archbishop. Speaking in a service in his cathedral in with the president in attendance, he called on Obasanjo to resist the temptation to stand for a third term, which the Nigerian constitution did not allow, and asked him to "resist the deadly temptation to want to remain in power perpetually by hook or by crook".

john olorunfemi onaiyekan biography

His stance was credited with saving Nigeria from the imposition of a dictatorship. He was created a Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI in a consistory on 24 November He was one of the john olorunfemi onaiyekan biography electors who participated in the papal conclave that elected Pope Francis. Pope Francis appointed Onaiyekan the Apostolic Administrator of the john olorunfemi onaiyekan biography of Ahiara in Imo State in eastern Nigeria on 3 July He won the election for the position of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN President on 19 June with 72 olorunfeml over Anglican Primate Peter Akinola who had 33 votes.

Works[ edit ] "The Priesthood in Pre-monarchial Ancient Israel and among the Owe-Yoruba of Kabba: A Comparative Study", unpublished dissertation "The shariah in Nigeria:

john olorunfemi onaiyekan biography

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