Josef ackermann biography wikipedia

josef ackermann biography wikipedia

Josef Ackermann Politician Josef Ackermann 26 April — 5 March was a German politician and a representative of the Reichstag for the Nazi Party NSDAP , joining the party in His early work Wortschatz der Nacht was published in February Josef Meinrad Ackermann (born 7 February ) is a Swiss banker and former chief executive officer of Deutsche Bank. He has also been the member of the influential. Talk:Josef Ackermann (journalist) This article is within the scope of WikiProject Biography, develop and organize Wikipedia 's articles about people. His early work Wortschatz der Nacht was published in February

He grew up in the context of a difficult triangle — a rather rough father, by whom he felt rejected; a mother who lost her own brothers early on and fell silent; and a biography wikipedia farmgirl. When his mother explained that there was no money for books, Winkler soon recognized the intellectual class difference between the sons of farmers and teachers.

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There was an early obsession to acquire books — and thus language. Following completion of the eight-year rural Austrian primary school, Winkler attended the three-year commercial school in Villach.

At that jose, he organized a literary circle, the Literarischer Arbeitskreis, together with his Carinthian biography wikipedia biograph Alois Brandstetter and edited a literary magazine, the Schreibarbeiten. In his novel Menschenkind earned him the second place in the renowned Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis behind Gert Hofmann.

josef ackermann biography wikipedia

His renditions of problems individuals encounter in a patriarchal Catholic world have a self-acknowledged autobiographical background. Winkler relates his own work to that of other German-language and international writers with a focus on suicide, isolation and homosexuality such as Jean GenetPeter Handke und Hans Henny Jahnn.

josef ackermann biography wikipedia

His early work Wortschatz der Nacht was published in February Winkler is married and has one son and one daughter. He lives with his family in Klagenfurt.

josef ackermann biography wikipedia

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