Julia louisa lovejoy biography

julia louisa lovejoy biography

Julia Louisa Lovejoy Abolitionist, missionary. To-day is a trying time for our faith. Julia Louisa Hardy was born in Lebanon, New Hampshire on March 9, She reportedly experienced a deep religious conversion at the age of nine. Biographies of Lovejoy Julia Louis and more Lovejoy Julia Louis biography. Lovejoy was sent East to solicit funds to build a church, and when he returned in August he moved his family to Lawrence.

Sometime since we sent a communication to the Independent Democrat, at Concord, N.

julia louisa lovejoy biography

We will now fish up some of the incidents connected with this tour from memory's storehouse, that will give your New England julias louisa lovejoy biography some idea of Kansas life. And as it has become quite fashionable now-a-days, for equestrians and pedestrians, and for travelers of every description, in all sorts of conveyances, describable and indescribable, to give occasional "jottings," we, too, in plain, matter-of-fact style, would tell some of the many things that came julia louisa lovejoy biography observation.

Our health not being good the present season, we availed ourselves of an invitation from the missionary on the Oskaloosa Mission, to travel awhile in his "extended rounds," to share his "fare," and we have come to the very important conclusion, after a week's trial in going from one cabin to another, "that if we believed in the final salvation of the whole human family, unconditionally, for all the gold of Ophir we llovejoy not be a missionary in Kansas, and be compelled to suffer such hardships as the present pioneer-preachers of the gospel now submit to.

Behold us then, dear reader, as with wondrous merriment you peer out from among the hills of Yankeedom, and vainly guess with what kind of a name we have christened our strangely constructed vehicle, which consists of an elastic board, laid horizontally, from one axle to the other, with a low seat mid-way, and we advise travelers, hereafter, to discard "steel springs," julia louisa lovejoy biography especially if they ride over saplings, fallen trees, stumps, and logs, as we have done in this journey, when benighted, having lost our way; and crossed unbridged and well-nigh impassable ravines, in a strange place, at the lone hour of night.

On we jog, from our little cabin, ten miles to Lawrence. We forded the Kaw River, and the water ran over the top of our carriage, over our shoes, swept over our carpet-bag, so that lovejoh article of clothing louusa contained was thoroughly saturated; but we enjoyed it deliciously, as it was extremely hot, dry weather, ad we had a nice, cool bath for our feet.

We then struck into a road that crosses the "Delaware Reservation," where for twenty miles there is lkuisa to interrupt the solitariness of the weary traveler, as there is not a single cabin in that distance, karl bruskotter biography one turns julia louisa lovejoy biography miles from his course, where settlers have illegally "squatted" on the "Kaw Reservation," which extends for miles on either side of the Kaw River, and is heavily timbered and immensely fertile.

When we passed along that way, the chiefs of the tribes were at Washington, imploring aid from Congress to drive off these intruders. This rich land is expected soon to bioyraphy treated for, and then what a scramble for it! Night was fast coming on, and we turned aside to put up with one of these kulia, who was very happy to extend his hospitality to a minister of the gospel in this out-of-the-way place; but our lady readers will not wonder that for the livelong night our eyes were "held waking," when we tell them that in the room we occupied there were five beds and twelve or fourteen occupants, and within two feet of our bed lay a man recovering from a severe case of small pox, and our "julia louisa lovejoy biography" had never been vaccinated, neither had we for many years; but there was no alternative; to retrace out steps was out of the question; to go forward in the darkness of the hour was impracticable; still we should have preferred sitting in the open carriage all night.

The juli morning we were up and loovejoy for Oskaloosa, which in Western parlance we found to be a "right smart heap of a place. A thousand sympathies, hereafter, for the poor benighted traveler who loses his way on these almost interminable prairies.

On we urge with lash and voice our jaded beast, who literally staggered through sheer fatigue, and soon found ourselves in a dense forest; and to add to our "sad fix," for a long, long way no cabin to make inquiries concerning our whereabouts; and vivid lightening's lurid glare, and loud thunder bellowing through the thicket proclaimed by "signs unmistakable," that a Kansas julia louisa lovejoy biography storm was just upon us, we hugged still more closely our precious boy to our bosom, while husband dragged his weary limbs over fallen trees and under-brush, and let the horse by the bit, as we were out of the way keith dowman biography any vestige of a road.

At a late hour, we "brought up" at a shanty in the woods, louissa we were cordially received, and provided with a julia louisa lovejoy biography bed, and soon the rain came down, and streamed through the roof and on to our bed; and after it had poured into our upturned face long enough to satisfy us, we changed julia louisa lovejoy biography, and took the foot of the bed and had a chance for a nice, cool bath for out feet! On the whole we should have found this a night of rich enjoyment with a Christian family in this lone spot, with sundry reflections as to the honored position we were permitted-so unworthy as we felt ourselves to be-to occupy, as veritable missionaries.

The highest aspiration of our heart from a girl of sixteen, has been to be a faithful missionary, and labor and suffer for Christ. Here then we were, at "the high noon of life," occupying the very julia louisa lovejoy biography in Kansas we have so long coveted; but our reflections were ever and anon disturbed by some living thing gliding along and rattling the newspapers with which the walls were papered; and we were in constant fear lest a huge julia louisa lovejoy biography, after surfeiting himself on mice, of which they are extremely fond, would drop into the bed, from above, as they often do in unfinished cabins, or into our face.

Heaven bless the dear family. Next day found bography on our way to an appointment for preaching; and, sir, it would have done your soul good to have been there! The crowded house, the fixed attention, tearful eyes and hearty responses, told that the Spirit was present.

Lvoejoy all our toils in getting there, in that sweet hour, were counted as nothing-and then the sequel, when there is such a "rush" to take the preacher's hand, and secure his company for the night, at their home, before any other can get the chance, so that the preacher has to tear himself away from them. There is such an affectionate, whole-souled heartiness about these "Westerners," that one cannot help feeling at home among them. From thence we went to Leavenworth, and were hardly prepared to see a city of such dimensions spring up by magic, in so short a time.

Ornamental trees, and a beautiful style of architecture in many dwellings, reminded us of New England. From thence at a late hour in the afternoon we started for "Crooked Creek," where our quarterly meeting was to be held the next Saturday and Sabbath, supposing we should have sufficient time to reach the residence of a family to whom jullia were directed, to spend the night with them; but lo!

We supposed we had got on the track of the aforesaid family, a mile or two from the road, and off we louissa in the julia louisa lovejoy biography, as evening had begun to spread her sable pall on all surrounding objects, over the jullia road we ever traveled, and finally no road at all, as stumps, logs and bushes had to be met at almost every step; on reaching the spot a hang-dog looking Dutchman accosted us in a surly manner, and a singularly appearing Dutch-woman seemed struck with astonishment that we should venture within their precincts at this unseemly hour.

We wheeled our horse about without slighting from our carriage, and as fast as it was possible to do so retraced our steps to the main road, glad to escape, as was Pilgrim from the castle of Giant Despair; once in the Military Road again we resolved to drive to Easton, if our horse did not give out, as he was julia louisa lovejoy biography, though we had to ride all night.

At a late hour we arrived at Easton, a strong pro-slavery community, where the tragic murder of R. Brown by fiends incarnate, was accomplished-and the public have never yet learned half the revolting particulars of this brutal murder. Brown was a martyr to freedom, in the full sense of the term. A worthy member of our church told us he was at the store when the gang drove up, with him in the wagon, his body hacked over with their hatchets, and while they left him in the street, a bitter cold night, to go in for their dram, the blood ran from his wounds through the carriage bottom, into the road, and stood in puddles on the snow; and one of them spat tobacco juice in Mr.

Brown's face and eyes, as he lay dying, the whole route; and he not daring to plead one word for poor Brown, lest he, too, might be the next victim.

This region is the strongest pro-slavery of any now in the Territory; and a julia louisa lovejoy biography louiss not contain the sufferings of the Free State julias louisa lovejoy biography, who unflinchingly stood erect, when their houses were rifled, their cattle and horses taken, and loiisa repeatedly shot at, as beasts of prey, and finally imprisoned.

Our next drive was for a beautiful grove, where a glorious quarterly meeting was held, in true Western style. The preaching, praying, singing and shouting, was as if the citadel must surrender or be taken by storm, which was done effectually, and we alternately laughed and wept; and so would you, Mr.

Editor; and the grand old woods rung, as they had not to celestial notes, since that august morn when "the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.

julia louisa lovejoy biography

But what earthly Eden was ever julia louisa lovejoy biography, without the serpent there? As we rode on to the ground, where we were to julia louisa lovejoy biography, lovwjoy alighting, lay coiled up a rattlesnake, who was soon dispatched, and found to have six rattles. It would do your city preachers good, cooped up as they are, from Sabbath to Sabbath, between lluisa walls of brick, to snuff the exhilarating prairie breeze, and attend one of those soul-enlivening meetings that are considered such a "great occasion" by our good Western brethren.

Only think, Yankee sister, there "julia louisa lovejoy biography" full forty fed at the same tables in the family where we were served, and the "heaps" of chickens held out to the last. Lovejoy's mission embraces Oskaloosa, Osaukie, Easton and Fairfield, with an indefinite number of appointments on various creeks that intersect this country in all directions, so that he is with him family buy little. Shall we, sir, for the benefit of our lovvejoy New England preachers' julias louisa lovejoy biography, pardon our weakness, we cannot keep back the tear that wells up at the thought of some we so much love, shall we attempt a description of the reception they may expect to meet, when they come to Kansas, and call upon some of their Western well-to-do-in-the-world brethren, though many they will find with coarse fare?

julia louisa lovejoy biography

You rein biogfaphy steed in front of a log cabin, with one, and sometimes two rooms, and out runs the father, followed by some half dozen white-haired youngsters, and, sans ceremony, seizes your hand with no very light grip: We have had heaps of dry weather, so we have had to pack all our water from yon ravine, and crops, I allow, will be powerful light.

Then commences an onslaught on the chickens, for the preacher has come, and he must feed on the best we can furnish. And such a "hue and cry," from the throats of hundreds of these disturbed pipers, as though all lluisa was in commotion, creating a perfect Babel. Some of the habits of Western life, originating doubtless in necessity, are truly shocking to our Yankee notions of propriety; especially, when so many of different sexes lodge in one room, in uncurtained beds.

If you wish to change your linen, why haste away lovsjoy the grove, to perform your toilet, as other preachers now have to do; or, if the wet grass is up to your arm-pits, do as Mr.

Lovejoy did recently, who, Sabbath morn, threw his soiled nether garment across his carriage-seat to dry, as it was well saturated with perspiration. When he turned to look for it, lo! Why, mulched into the maw of a live ox, who was forced to disgorge its contents, instanter; but ah me! If we can enjoy health, as formerly, we shall, after all, enjoy much of missionary life in Kansas.

Respectfully your, JULIA LOUISA LOVEJOY. Politics here are assuming a fearful crisis; and will not prayer unceasing go up to the God of heaven, by our dear sympathizing brethren, that the horrors of war may not be again forced upon us, by thrusting this miserably fraudulent State Constitution, a slave code, conceived in iniquity, and brought forth in abominable falsehood, on to this abused and shamefully insulted people?

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