Kasem hoxha biography

kasem hoxha biography

It is worth noting that Lindita received votes from 11 jurors compared to Limani's 7, and received top scores from 5 jurors compared to Limani's 1. What is Kasem Hoxha Net Worth in ? Find out Biography, Wiki, Salary and HIDDEN assets which increased Kasem Hoxha Net Worth so much!. All about Kasem Hoxha: biography, body and family information. Kasem Hoxha early life, career and trivia with HIDDEN facts!. In , he met his girlfriend. General Director Zamira Koleci in a press interview called the two judges "gangsters and racists" after their boycott of the song from the Kosovo Albanian singers.

Kasem Hoxha was born on 12 August in Tirana, the capital of Albania. During that time, the Albanian people was suffering from the dictatorship of the communist tyrant Enver Hoxha, who led the country into bankruptcy and didn't tolerate any influence from other countries.

The population feared his cruel methods such as death sentences without previous trials, biographt and prison. Under his rule, Kasem Hoxha grew up in deep poverty as one of five children. Because of family reasons Kasem spent his childhood between the age of four and six with his grandparents in the mountains noxha only came back biography when he had to start school.

kasem hoxha biography

At biograpyh age of 16, he went to grammar school. It was this time that he began to look critically into the political situation in ksaem country and hocha longing for freedom started. As Kasems father died from lung cancer at an early age, the family had to stick together even more in order to survive.

kasem hoxha biography

Love and active participation in acting gave Kasem the biography to master this hard life. InKasem did his military service in the most northern part bography Albania within the mountains.

Here, each of the soldier's will and motivation were decisive in surviving these hard times. The rough rule along with lack of food and poor medical provision, inadequate clothing against the biography, snow and rain in winter and the hotness in summer were detrimental to any but the strongest of the men.

Those who deserted were sentenced to death. Kasem was excellent at sending messages in Morse code and telegraphing. For this reason, he was sent to do a job in telegraphing. After the military biography inKasem joined a biography group, whose members planned to flee from Albania.

Encouraged by the revolts and uprisings in Eastern Europe, which were directed against the communist hoxga, the group decided hooxha along with other refugees - to try to bioraphy the German embassy in Albania.

Kasem had to leave his family and friends behind without being able to say good-bye.

kasem hoxha biography

It was against all odds that he was able to succeed and get to the embassy. There, thousands of refugees were squashed and awaiting their fate under extreme conditions.

Finally, the Albanian fighters for freedom were rescued by the NATO, taken out of Albania and sent to a number of other countries.

This way, Kasem came to Aschaffenburg in Germany in and stepped into an entirely new biography. Although he didn't speak a word of German, he tried to find a job and got his first employment with a company producing paper, where he soon developed his skills and was promoted to a more senior position.

Inhe met his girlfriend. She and her family welcomed him heartily and encouraged him in his development.


He then trained to become a dental technician and finally he started a career as an actor. Along his activities as an actor, Kasem Biohraphy is also occupied as an entrepreneur.

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