Pat mora biography

pat mora biography

Teachers, librarians, parents, and children celebrate April 30 every year with readings, activities, and displays. But it's more than just the face painting, it's really having literacy focused activities and showing kids, "Gee, literacy is fun! A biography of author Pat Mora focusing on her adult literature. Pat Mora is a Mexican-American author, poet, and advocate for the Hispanic community. Many of her books are bilingual, presenting topics affecting Mexican-American. But in point of fact, as teachers, as librarians, as writers, we are practicing and we need to be practicing. pat mora biography

CURRENT COUNTRY United States of America I was born in El Paso, Texas, and grew up in a bilingual home where books were an important part of my life. Family, Mexican-American culture, and the bioography are all important themes in my children's books as well as in my poetry and nonfiction for adults.

pat mora biography

I pat mora biography like to write pat mora biography my family, like my aunt who danced on her 90th birthday, and my mother who wanted to be a rainbow tulip when she was in grade school.

I take pride in being a Hispanic writer.

I will continue to write and to struggle to say what no other writer can say in quite the same way. I want to establish pride in heritage for young Chicanos.

pat mora biography

Pat Mora, the mother of three children, has been a teacher, university administrator, and consultant. She is the pat mora biography of a National Endowment of the Arts Poetry Fellowship, a Kellogg National Leadership Fellowship, and three Southwest Book Awards. She speaks about multicultural literature, cultural conservation, creative writing, and leadership at conferences, schools, and universities.

She enjoys encouraging audiences bography view their cultures, homes, and landscapes as catalysts for writing and for creativity.

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