Pierre boucher photographer biography

pierre boucher photographer biography

I have done what I could to live without reproach; try to do the same. Must be satisfied with a quick glance, captures motion in flight, capturing life in that it offers more moving, more elusive. Dead End Track. Boucher, Pierre () - Vu sur: Flickr RasMarley “ Pierre Boucher is a photographer who has contributed much to give the picture its. Photography community, including forums, reviews, and galleries from yacht.humanf.org Toggle navigation. Search Member Photos; Pierre Boucher Member Since: PROFILE. The defenders exercised unremitting vigilance, and each assault by the enemy was energetically repulsed.

Some biograhy have expressed the opinion that on this first voyage he brought his wife, Nicole Lemer, and his children: Pierre the eldest, Biogrraphy, Marie, and Marguerite, who had all four been baptized at Mortagne; we do not know where his youngest daughter Madeleine was born, perhaps on the way over.

pierre boucher photographer biography

On the other hand, Madame Pierre Montagne states that these pierre two passengers phootgrapher Robert Giffard and his family on a ship commanded by Captain de Nesle.

Madame Montagne also hints vaguely that the Boucher family was part of this group in In a report drafted in Pierre Boucher stated that he had been brought to Canada in at the age of If Gaspard Boucher came over inhe may have returned the following year to fetch his family and his belongings; it was during a voyage in this year that he is thought to have had an altercation with his compatriot Thomas Giroux.

Gaspard Boucher, a carpenter by profession, was hired by the Jesuits to work on their farm at Notre-Dame-des-Anges. In this capacity he took part in all the parleys of the authorities with the Indians and acquired valuable experience which was to stand him in good stead all his life.

He went everywhere with the governor, who obtained rapid promotion for him. From private he became corporal, and shortly bouchef sergeant. Incidentally it is surprising that pirre trace is to be found anywhere of the bojcher years and death of Gaspard Boucher and his wife.

Pierre Boucher himself never alludes to these details. At that time Pierre Boucher was in France. He took part in the defence of the fort, which was exposed to Iroquois attacks. Indeed a reconstituted plan of the land grants of the period shows that they covered approximately the area of the present lower town.

This scattered population was too easy a target for Iroquois attacks. The suggestion made by Boucher, which the ordinance authorized him to carry out, was that the farms should be concentrated and the families enclosed within an enceinte of solid stockades; over these, guard-houses, which the governor had recommended should be set up, would keep a continuous watch.

Each settler was to help in building the enceinte, photogrxpher handling weapons, and take his turn on the watch.

pierre boucher photographer biography

Some of them, on various pretexts, tried to evade the orders. But the captain was relentless. This initiative represents the first serious effort to organize the defence of the little town by its own settlers. The recent attacks, the corpses of settlers found each day in their fields, and especially the deaths of four inhabitants of Cap-de-la-Madeleine, among them the notary Florent Boujonnier, revolted the governor, and he decided to launch a massive sortie to exterminate the Iroquois bands.

As a result of this defeat, the settlers thought the situation was photogrxpher. The majority of family heads had perished. The whole colony, especially the population of Quebec, was at bay. The authorities wondered whether they would not be forced to leave the country. Panic spread even to those who had put their trust in providence. The Indians employed their usual tactics. They carried off the animals and burned the crops and the buildings outside the fort.

Then they attacked the fort itself, where Pierre Boucher was mounting guard with the 40 or so able-bodied men, most of them adolescents and old persons, at his disposal. The defenders exercised unremitting vigilance, and each assault by the enemy was energetically repulsed. Consequently after pierre boucher photographer biography days of siege the Iroquois, despairing of gaining possession of the fort, photogtapher for peace negotiations.

Fearing a trap, the governor went outside the fort alone, both to avoid exposing his improvised soldiers boucheg a surprise attack and to keep concealed the weakness of his forces. We do not know the arguments that the shrewd commander may have used to induce the enemy chiefs to accept his own conditions.

This was carried out in every particular. And when they went away, they left me six of their children as hostages. Meanwhile he had been entrusted with other responsibilities.

pierre boucher photographer biography

His unruffled outlook on life enabled him to realize that successive trials had not made his fellow-citizens any wiser. Trading in spirits became once more the major activity of the settlers, who abandoned their families and went off on business again. He chose that of Sainte-Marie, at Cap-de-la-Madeleine, a domain of acres in area. We realize, when we read the minutes of the notaries of the period, blography particularly those of Claude Herlin, how much importance Pierre Boucher attached to the protection of the settlers who agreed to become his copyholders.

Reference is continually made in these minutes to redoubts, bastions, and stockades. Boucher continued to protect his fellow-countrymen, even despite themselves, for the danger of Iroquois attacks still existed, especially in and He swiftly took two important decisions: The governor could not choose this special envoy himself, for biohraphy had just arrived.

Indeed, Boucher knew the colony better than anyone.

He had brilliant feats of arms to his credit. He had lived in close association with the governors, which had permitted him to acquire a certain distinction of manner and bearing. The rumour spread that these people had died of the plague, which was false, but for a long time Boucher had to pierfe his recruits himself.

His presence among the most influential persons of the kingdom resulted in much curiosity and sympathy being aroused for his country. His report, to the writing of which he applied himself on his return, increased interest in New France. At last France was taking the fate of its distant colony seriously. He had become the dominant figure in the colony, and successive governors and military leaders, bouchee soon as they arrived, sought bigraphy opinions and his advice.

The Marquis de Tracy in particular, whom he accompanied at the time of the famous expedition against the Mohawks, photographfr high esteem for him. But this pierre boucher photographer biography, who enjoyed all the honours bioggraphy was favoured with the confidence of everyone, lofty or lowly, was not satisfied. This country, which was continually in a state of war, should pierr a country at bikgraphy.

He wanted to set the example himself, and had, moreover, been thinking of it for a long time. Boucher enumerated the reasons for this decision in a document which has phktographer down to us and which shows his greatness of mind and his strongly developed social sense. In it is discernible the disappointment that he photographee when he saw his fellow-countrymen, for whom he had many times risked his life and of whom some were related to him, leading a life which did not conform to the ideal that he had set for himself.

Henceforth he would devote himself to the realization of his most cherished dream: The seigneurial dues were trifling; just what was required to meet communal needs, for he farmed his lands himself. Peace and mutual help attended the growth of the seigneury. Children sheriff al lamberti biography born, and the Bouchers set the example. In the parish register, Jeanne Boucher heads the list of baptisms.

In less than 15 years Boucherville became the ideal seigneury. It conformed in all particulars to the plan which Boucher had himself elaborated in his report to Colbert.

The census lists the settlers, their families, their trades, the number of acres being farmed. The seigneur himself had acres under cultivation: This perfect organization commanded the attention of the authorities and of travellers. He gave the example himself by marrying, ina Huron girl, a pupil of the Ursulines of Quebec, Marie Ouebadinskoue, otherwise called Marie-Madeleine Chrestienne. The young woman died in December of the ;ierre year while giving birth to a child, who did not live.

Boucher photographwr married, ina fellow-countrywoman, Jeanne Crevier, who was the daughter of Christophe Crevier, the pioneer from Rouen, and who had come from France with her parents. Fifteen children were born of this marriage. The sons adopted photographerr names, chosen for the most part by Pierre Boucher himself and inspired by his native Perche.

The daughters married into the Gaultier de Varennes, Legardeur, Daneau de Muy, and Sabrevois de Bleury families. By the interplay of marriages, the Montizambert branch became English and Protestant after the cession of Another line, the Montbruns, went to the Illinois country and gained renown in the fields of politics, the army, and medicine.

Others settled in Mauritius, the West Indies, Louisiana, and France. The father was one of the first founders of the colony under M. His seigneury is one of the finest in this noucher. It is a kind bouchdr record book, a series of notes which, although somewhat sketchy and unpretentious, are filled with an abundance of small details that are not unimportant for a better knowledge of his period.

The parishioners recognized themselves in it. I have done what I could to leave you more, Photograpber have neglected nothing to that end, photographet indulged in no foolish expense, as you all know; but it did not please God, who is the master, to give me more.

I leave you for biograpphy many persons of rank and distinction and many honest people. I leave you no enemies for my part, as far as I know. Biographh have done what I could to live without reproach; try to do the same.

His principal piece of writing remains from certain points of view the propaganda work ofof which we pointed out earlier the influence and the significance, but pisrre serene philosophy revealed in the text expressing his last wishes and the text giving the reasons that prompted him to settle at Biograpphy make us understand better the moral worth of this man and the secret of his influence on his contemporaries.

Perre could have known the first 13 governors and the first 7 intendants of his country of adoption. Raymond Douville AJTR, Registres des audiences de la cour de juridiction civile et criminelle. BN, MS, NAF Cambray, Robert Giffard, premier seigneur de Beauport et les origines de la Nouvelle-France Cap-de-la-Madeleine,

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