Pieter bruegel younger biography

pieter bruegel younger biography

The scenes from peasant life are well known, but a number of subjects that are not easy to classify include The Fight Between Carnival and Lent , Children's Games , and Dulle Griet, also known as Mad Meg Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, byname Peasant Bruegel, Dutch Pieter Bruegel De Oudere or Boeren Bruegel, Bruegel also spelled Brueghel or Breughel (born c. , probably. Pieter Bruegel (also Brueghel) the Elder (Dutch: [ˈpitər ˈbrøːɣəl]; c. – 9 September ) was the most significant artist of Dutch and Flemish. The central theme of the cycle is that man, if he follows the order of nature, can avoid the folly for which he is otherwise destined. In or , Bruegel set off on the customary northern artist's journey to Italy, probably by way of France.

Related Content Biography Although the primary piteer of knowledge about the life of Pieter Bruegel the Elder is Carel van Mander's Het Schilder-Boek ofhis younger biography is sometimes untrustworthy and anecdotal.

Relatively few facts have been added to Van Mander's biography. Bruegel's birth date and place are unknown, but it is generally assumed that he was born sometime between andyounger biography likely in Breda. Van Mander's statement that Bruegel first studied with Pieter Coecke van Aelst of Antwerp is not documented; there is, however, some visual evidence that Bruegel was aware of Coecke's art.

pieter bruegel younger biography

A recently discovered document indicates that in Bruegel was working in Mechelen in the shop of Claude Dorizi on an altarpiece for niography church of Saint Rombaut. Although the altarpiece is lost and Bruegel worked only on the exterior wings, he would have been trained in the technique of painting on linen, a speciality of the city, which he used in some of his later younger biography. In Bruegel became a master in the guild of Saint Luke in Antwerp.

pieter bruegel younger biography

Almost immediately thereafter he set off for Italy. Drawings with Italian motifs are datedand by the artist was in Rome, where he worked with the miniaturist Giulio Clovio.

He seems also to have visited Naples and traveled through the Alps, returning to Antwerp sometime in In Bruegel began to provide the Antwerp artist and publisher Hieronymus Cock with designs for prints; their close association and friendship continued until Bruegel's death. The artist seems to have stayed in Antwerp until In he married Pieter Coecke's daughter Mayken and moved to Brussels.

Bruegel worked in Brussels until his death on 9 September The Collections of the National Gallery of Art Systematic Catalogue. New York, Toronto, and London, Complete Edition of the Paintings. Biohraphy dynastie de peintres.

pieter bruegel younger biography

Palais de Beaux-Arts, Brussels,

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