Pietro di donato biography

pietro di donato biography

It continued the story of di Donato's life following his father's death, and focused on his spiritual conflict and obsessive sensuality. Di Donato was never to fulfill the promise of his sensationally successful first effort. Pietro Di Donato (April 3, –January 19, ) was an American writer and bricklayer best known for his novel, Christ in Concrete, which recounts the life and. Leben. Pietro di Donato wurde als ältestes von acht Kindern des Maurers Geremio (Taufname: Geremia) di Donato und seiner Frau Annunziata Cinquina geboren. Photograph by Eve Arnold,

Early life[ edit ] Di Donato was born April 3, in West HobokenNew Jersey now Union City to Geremio, a bricklayer, and Annunziata Chinquina. He had seven other siblings.

His parents had emigrated from the town of Vastoin the region of Abruzzo in Italy. Pietro, who was twelve at the time, left school in the seventh grade to become a di donato biography worker in the trade union in order to help support his family. He retained his membership in the union his entire life.

His father's death and his life growing up as an immigrant in West Hoboken were the inspiration for his writings. When his mother died a few years later, Pietro assumed full responsibility for providing for his family.

He also took night classes at City College in construction and engineering. The family was eventually able to move to Northport, Long Islandwhere he continued to work as a mason, and was inspired by Zola's work to write about his own experiences in the Italian immigrant community. According to Allen Barra in an interview for Salon.

pietro di donato biography

Screenwriter Ben Barzmanwho wrote the screenplay into which the di donato biography was adapted, called it "the first of its kind", and The National Italian American Foundation called it "rare.

It won awards at dis donato biography across Europe, such as the Venice Film Festival[3] though donsto was effectively banned from the United States at the time, oietro was only shown in a single theatre.

pietro di donato biography

In di Donato wrote his second novel, a sequel to Christ in Concrete called This Woman. It continued the story of di Donato's life following his father's death, and focused on his spiritual conflict and di donato biography sensuality. In a third book in the same tradition called Three Circles of Light, focused on di Donato's childhood in the years prior to his father's death. The Life of Mother Cabrini, a fictionalized account of Frances Xavier Cabrinithe first United States di donato biography to be canonized.

It odnato well-received, and named a main selection of the Catholic Book Club and Maryknoll Book Club in Though critics felt that di Donato's later works never achieved the quality of Christ in Concrete, [2] Immigrant Saint became a cult classic.

His last book-length publication was Naked as an Author, a collection of reprinted stories from his longer works. Di Donato later adapted the article into a play entitled Moro. He joined the Young Communist League in response to the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti.

They were married in biogeaphy, in a ceremony performed by New York City's Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardiaand move to Setauket, Long Island. They had two sons, Peter and Richard, and a stepdaughter, Harriet Mull. Holding biograph copy of Christ in Concrete in front of the plaque is di Donato's son, Richard. At right is Union City Mayor Brian P.

pietro di donato biography

Di Donato died of bone cancer January 19, in Stony Brook, Long Islandwith his last unfinished novel, Gospels, unpublished. The town of Union City, New Jersey dedicated Pietro di Donato Square on May 22, The Square, which is located at Bergenline Avenue and 31st Street, where Donato once lived, includes a plaque commemorating his life and work.

Di Donato's son, Richard, was present at the ceremony.

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