Safia zaghloul biography

safia zaghloul biography

Safiya was a good example of the great Arab women. MyHeritage protects the privacy of its users strictly: Safiya Zaghloul topic. Safiya Zaghloul (–) was an Egyptian political activist. She was among the early leaders of the Wafd Party. Background Safiya was born. Biography opthalmology & Conjunctivitis doctor 55 Safia Zaghloul Street - Mahatet El Raml- Alexandria, Mahatet El Raml. Saad Zaghloul Saad Zaghloul Saad Zaghloul was born in in the village , and was then belonging to the Directorate of the Bank which is now a subsidiary of the province of Kafr el - Sheikh , and his father Sheikh Ibrahim Zaghloul , head of the village chieftain Any mayor , and began his education in the book , where he learned to read and write and save the Koran Saad Zaghloul is considered one of the leaders of Egypt and the leader of the revolution , and was not popular enjoyed by the Egyptian leader before him, even the title of the leader of the nation, and fired at his house the house of the nation and his wife , Safia or Egyptians Leader Saad Zaghloul Pasha and Ms. Safiya was a good example of the great Arab women. safia zaghloul biography

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safia zaghloul biography

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