Sarah king artist biography

sarah king artist biography

So many in fact that I now have a section in the Taurus Craft Gift Shop all to myself where my work is sold throughout the year. Sarah King Profile Statement. My Sister Life is the naming of her creative processes and work as an artist - Sarah King 's work is born out of necessity. Participate in Developing a Biography for Sarah Cecilia Cotter King. Please note: Artists not classified as American in our database may have limited biographical. Current projects culminate in ambiguous and ephemeral Installations. sarah king artist biography

Now lives and works in South Devon. My practice is an evolving dialogue with process and materials. Making and doing are fundamental. The simultaneous stories from my life as a mother, woman, partner and friend weave many facets into the work.

Presently I work predominantly with stitch, film and sound. My current research is an exploration of breath, sound and stillness, through stitch and audio work. I have termed this work the study of The something of nothing. In the search for sarah king artist biography traces of my being are recorded in audio and then zarah.

sarah king artist biography

The stitches echo sounds made through repeated acts of daily life, biograpphy the seemingly small events, rituals and rhythms which mark the passage of time. Stitching onto or sarxh paper creates a notation, or Listening drawing; the sound informs the stitch which again informs another sound. Current projects culminate in ambiguous and ephemeral Installations.

Future projects will include book works which I hope will bridge the gap between work and sarah king artist biography. My research field is one of open investigation, and is a artisy process within my practice. My aim is to sustain a deep level of enquiry, generating ideas and research conversations which readdress my developing methodologies and working processes. A First Class Honours Fine Art M.

sarah king artist biography

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  • Completely I share your opinion. I think, what is it excellent idea. My research field is one of open investigation, and is a generative process within my practice.

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