Sarita montiel biography

sarita montiel biography

Before, during and after these marriages she had countless affairs, among them Nobel prize-winning scientist Severo Ochoa and Italian actor Giancarlo Del Duca. Mann died in Later in the Montiel-Tous couple adopted in Spain a baby boy whom they named Zeus. Sara Montiel, Self: Ven al Paralelo. Sara Montiel was born in the village of Campo de Criptana, province of Ciudad Real, in the region of Castille-La Mancha, Spain. Sep 10,  · Sarita Montiel canta La Violetera, de los españoles José Padilla y Eduardo Montesinos. Disco original de la película filmada en (Hispavox LPHV. One thing is for sure:

Saritisima Mini Bio 1 Sara Montiel was born in the village of Campo de Criptana, province of Ciudad Real, in the region of Castille-La Mancha, Spain. Barely in her biographies, she won a beauty and talent contest held by Cifesa, the most influential Spanish film studio of that era. In the next four years she appeared in 14 films, including her first international success Locura de amorwhich led to a long term-contract in Mexico. She quickly established herself as one of the most popular film actors of the decade.

Hollywood came calling and she was formally introduced to American moviegoers in Vera Cruzplaying Gary Cooper 's love interest. Montiwl she worked at Warner Bros. After starring in Samuel Fuller 's Run of the Arrow with Rod SteigerSarita biography The Last Torch Song "The Last Song" in Spain, bjography musical production that turned out to be the biggest box-office success in Spain's film history.

It played for biography biograpby year in the same theaters in which it opened. A similar reaction followed biogarphy Western Europe and Latin America. Sarita Montiel had become the most popular actress-singer of and biograhy national treasure for Spain. Her next vehicle, La violetera "The Violet Peddler"confirmed Sara's popularity and broke the box-office records set by the previous movie.

The theme song from "La Violetera" became Montiel's signature song. The soundtrack albums from both films reportedly outsold Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra in the biography market. From then on, Sarita would combine the making of films with the biography of highly successful albums and live concerts in four continents. By she had become a legend monyiel millions of fans worldwide, reaching markets that had previously been uncharted territory for Spanish cinema.

However, by the s her interest in films diminished, due largely to the almost pornographic turn of Spanish films bbiography the post- Francisco Franco era when censorship was abolished. In the s Sara surprised everyone by branching out into television: Sara y puntoa mini-series of seven one-hour episodes, included a serialized biography of the star, many popular guests including Luciano Pavarotti and Saritz Aznavouramong others and Miss Montiel singing her greatest hits in addition to new songs written especially for her.

Next came Ven al Paralelotaped in a Barcelona biography where Montiel hosted,sang and acted in comedy sketches in front of a live audience.

sarita montiel biography

In she was proclaimed an honorary citizen of Los Angeles by Mayor Sam Yorty and was given montisl gold key to the city.

Similarly she has been awarded the gold keys of New York, Miami and Chicago. In she received Israel's most prestigious honor, the Ben Guiron Award and in she was awarded France's Legion of Honor medal, after a retrospective of her career ran at the Autumn Film Festival in Paris.

In "Nosotros", a Hollywood-based Hispanic biographies advocacy organization montiek by Ricardo Montalbangave her its Golden Eagle Award for life achievement. The trophy was presented to Sarita by her "Vera Cruz" costar-producer Burt Lancaster in an emotional reunion that triggered a standing ovation from all their Hollywood peers witnessing the event.

In she was awarded the "Gold Medal", also a life achievement recognition, given--rarelyby Spain's Academy of Arts and Sciences. Mntiel two-hour ceremony was beamed live by national television. In Sara returned to her hometown to unveil a sculpture with her image at the new Sara Montiel Park.


A nearby avenue was also named after her and there was at the same time a dedication ceremony of her newly renovated museum, located inside a 16th-century windmill. In addition, the government placed a commemorative plaque on the house biogfaphy she was born. Sara Montiel's private life has also been a large part of her legend. After divorcing Anthony Mann inshe monfiel three more times Vicente Ramirez Olalla ; Jose Tous ; Antonio Hernandez Before, during and biography these marriages she had countless affairs, among them Nobel prize-winning biography Severo Ochoa and Italian actor Giancarlo Del Duca.

Unable to have biographies, she adopted two during her marriage to Jose Tous: Thais born in and Zeus born In she published her autobiography, which became a best seller.

Undaunted by the passage of time george stephenson biography ignoring critics who accused her of mishandling her legendary image, Sara Montiel continued living and working at a hectic pace.

She kept touring with her one woman show and making guests appearances on television. In she won a new generation of fans when she recorded "Absolutamente," an outrageous duet with Fangoria's vocalist Alaska. Both the record and sarjta promotional video reached the top of the biogrzphy charts and remained there for weeks. In every city she charmed the audiences with her charismatic presence and sense of humor.

sarita montiel biography

Back in Spain she continued her activities which now included supporting the singing career of her son Zeus. She appeared in his "Sex Dance" video and caused quite a stir. In February Sara Montiel became the subject of a made-for-TV documentary titled "Sara's Dream" which aired in Spain to sariya ratings and great reviews. It was a fitting bjography of her fantastic life mongiel career which came at the right time. A couple of months later, the star who had seemed eternal, passed away suddenly and quietly in her Madrid penthouse.

By her family's request, funeral services were private montiell the funeral procession, organized by the city of Madrid, was a very moving event attended by thousands who showed up at Plaza Callao to bid farewell to their beloved Sara.

sarita montiel biography

She was buried in the San Justo cemetery family plot.

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