Sir john soane biography

sir john soane biography

If you do not know a great deal about the artist, but have noteworthy information to share, we would welcome you to send it also to registrar askart. He incurred much hostile criticism and ridicule, and a satirical attack upon his 'Baeotian' style, published in Knight's 'Quarterly Magazine' led to an unsuccessful libel action. Sir John Soane () Born: 10th September at Whitchurch, Oxfordshire Architect Died: 20th January at Lincoln's Inn Fields, Westminster, Middlesex. Participate in Developing a Biography for John (Sir) Soane. Please note: Artists not classified as American in our database may have limited biographical data. In which Art Organizations was the artist a member? In Soane became Surveyor to the Bank of England.

The son of a bricklayer, he rose to the top of his profession, becoming professor of architecture at the Royal Academy and an official architect to the Office of Works.

He sonae a knighthood in His architectural works are distinguished by their clean lines, massing of simple form, decisive detailing, careful proportions and skilful use of light sources.

The influence of his sir john soane biography, coming at the end of the Georgian era, was swamped by the revival styles of the 19th century. It was not until the late 19th century that the influence of Sir John's architecture was widely felt.

sir john soane biography

His best-known work was the Bank ibography England his work there is largely destroyeda building which had a widespread effect on commercial architecture. He also designed Dulwich Picture Gallery, which, with its top-lit galleries, was a major influence on the planning of subsequent art sirs john soane biography and museums.

His main legacy is Sir John Soane's Museum, jhon Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. The museum comprises his former home and office, designed to display the art sir john soane biography and architectural artifacts that he collected during his lifetime.

sir john soane biography

Sir John Soane's Museum InSoane bought a house at 12 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Later purchasing 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, he used the house as his home ibography library, but also entertained potential clients in the drawing room.

The houses along with 14 Lincoln's Inn Fields, is now Sir John Soane's Museum and is open to the public for free. Antiquities, medieval and non-western objects Between and Soane remodelled and extended the house into two neighbouring properties — partly to experiment with architectural ideas, and partly to house his growing collection of antiquities and architectural salvage.

sir john soane biography

As his practice prospered, Soane was able to collect objects worthy of the British Museum, including the alabaster sarcophagus of Seti I. Turner, Sir Thomas Lawrence, Charles Long, 1st Baron Farnborough, Benjamin Haydon as well as many foreign dignitaries. Dorey et al,P. Thomas Lawrence painted a three quarter length portrait of Soane, that hangs over the Dining Room fireplace.

Soane's friend John Flaxman, sketched Soane's wife, this is framed and displayed in the museum.

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