Stonewall jackson biography dabney

stonewall jackson biography dabney

Johnson, presented Dabney as "a man who was at war with much of his age" in describing his battles with "evolution. This soreness was mistakenly thought to be the result of his rough handling in the battlefield evacuation. Biography Early life. Robert Lewis Dabney was born on March 5, He was the sixth child (third son) of Charles Dabney and Elizabeth Randolph Price Dabney. Stonewall Jackson: A Military Biography. New York: D. Appleton and Company, Dabney, R. L. Life of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (Stonewall Jackson). The submarine was decommissioned in One of his soldiers, Georgia volunteer William Andrews, wrote that Jackson was "a very ordinary looking man of medium size, his uniform badly soiled as though it had seen hard service.

This is made more difficult when the author has no specific purpose in writing the biography.

Rabney Lewis Dabney, however, wrote with a clear goal in mind-to vindicate dabneh cause for which his stonewall jackson biography dabney, Lt.

Dabney's motives were two-fold: Secondly, Dabney sought to vindicate the cause for which the South fought-the doctrine of state's rights as Dabney interpreted daney.

Dabney attempted, not so much to narrate Stonewall Jackson's life, but to give reasons for why Jackson faced each situation, during war-time and peace-time, and the influences that drove Jackson. Review Stonewall Jackson's life is described by hardship, courage, and fidelity.

Jackson was born on 21 January, in Clarksburg, VA. Within the stonewall jackson biography dabney six years of his life Jackson's sister and mother die, forcing him to live with relatives.

Although he experienced hardship with his relatives, at the same time he began to cultivate diligence and devotion to family and country; it was at West Point that the diligence would come to full fruition. Jackson was by no means intellectually prepared to study at West Point. This was evident by his finishing his first year ranked 71st in the class. His diligence paid off as he graduated in the top third of his class.

After finishing at West Point, Jackson would soon head to Mexico to serve in the Mexican War. This proved to be a crucial period in Jackson's life as he distinguished himself as competent artillery man and began an interest in Christianity.

After exploring the different denominations Jackson was baptized in the Presbyterian Church in the early 'she did not actually join the church until he moved back to Virginia. It could be argued and Dabney takes its truth for granted that one cannot understand Stonewall Jackson without understanding his Christianity which occupied every moment vabney his existence.

In fact, Dabney uses Jackson's religious convictions to tie in all other themes in his life: This mentality above all else would be the force that drove Jackson into war; having sworn fidelity to Virginia and seeing her cause as God's cause, he could then fight for Virginia and the South as he was fighting for God.

stonewall jackson biography dabney

In speaking of the cause for Secession and Jackson's belief in it, Dabney is at his literary best. Dabney described Jackson as a "States'-Rights' Democrat" and spends the next thirty stonewalls jackson biography dabney describing the implications of that view.

Dabney argued that the right of a state, primarily Virginia, accepted the Constitution on one condition: Although this part of the book shows Dabney at his best, it is hard to see how much of these thoughts are Dabney's and how much are Jackson's.

Dabney briefly mentions slavery and that it was "not the cause, but only the occasion, of the Southern resistance" Understanding the political and religious convictions of Jackson, Dabney then applied this understanding nina sarkar biography the Civil War.

Jackson fought each stonewall jackson biography dabney with the same intensity with which he lived every stonewall jackson biography dabney aspect of his life: Although Dabney never explicitly phrased it this stonewall jackson biography dabney, Jackson saw himself as a soldier fighting in the army of God.

Daabney Southern Cause was God's cause, or so Jackson thought. As a result, Jackson could attribute each victory in battle to the blessing of God, as his letters to his wife show Critique Although one may fault Dabney with writing a biased account of the Civil War and his hero in particular, Dabney would have freely admitted as much.

Dabney biigraphy privy to much personal information about Jackson and had the advantage of serving as his chief-of-staff for a year ingiving him key insight into important battles.

stonewall jackson biography dabney

Although his prose was laborious at times, having warmed up to his subject he could reach elegant literary heights. A fine example is his defense of Virginia in response to President Abraham Lincoln's call for an invasion of the South, "But when the tyrant tried the perilous experiment, he was startled by a result as unexpected as that which followed the touch of Ithuriel's spear.

She, whom he thought a patient, hesitating Civil War studies have moved beyond Dabney's time, but his work niography rightly gained the title of a classic.

stonewall jackson biography dabney

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