William lyon mackenzie biography

william lyon mackenzie biography

Industrial peace could be restored only if the partners recognized they had common interests and if there were structures wherein interests could be explained and understood. Scottish-born journalist and political agitator who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Canadian government in Mackenzie emigrated from Scotland to Canada in. KING, WILLIAM LYON MACKENZIE, journalist, civil servant, author, labour conciliator, and politician; b. 17 Dec. in Berlin (Kitchener), Ont., son of John King and. After Pearl Harbor, Churchill and Roosevelt no longer needed an intermediary and King found himself excluded from most of the strategic planning for the war. The arrival of Rolph at Lewiston had also caused a great commotion.

Historical Figures William Lyon Mackenzie William Lyon Mackenzie, journalist, politician born 12 March in Dundee, Scotland; died 28 August in Toronto, ON.

A william lyon mackenzie biography, Member of the Legislative Assembly, first william lyon mackenzie biography of Toronto and a william lyon mackenzie biography of the Rebellions ofMackenzie was a central figure in pre-Confederation political life. William Lyon Mackenzie, journalist, politician born 12 March in Dundee, Scotland; died 28 August in TorontoON. A journalist, Member of the Legislative Macienzie, first mayor of Toronto and a leader of the Rebellions ofMackenzie was a central figure in pre- Confederation political life.

Early Life and Career Mackenzie was raised in Scotland as a secessionist Presbyterian by his widowed mother and ran a general store with her by After the business went bankrupt Mackenzie appears to have moved to william lyon mackenzie biography work, including some time in Lyln, England, where he likely wrote for newspapers.

Mackenzie sailed to Canada in and wiliam settled in Upper Canada ; after a few years in willuam at Dundashe moved to Queenston. In May he published the first issue of the Colonial Advocate, which immediately became a leading voice of the new Reform movement.

william lyon mackenzie biography

The Reform movement advocated responsible government and opposed the colonial regime that ruled Upper Canada at the time. As a radical Reformer, Mackenzie admired the American political system rather than the British model. To be closer to the provincial Parliament, Mackenzie moved his operation to York [Toronto] in the fall of His forthright and forceful manner together with his ardent denunciation of the Family Compact contributed to his popularity, and in he was easily elected to the House of Assembly for York County.

Political Career Mackenzie's venomous attacks on the local oligarchy brought reprisals in the form of libel suits, threats and physical assaults, as well as an attack on his printing office inwhich left his press wrecked and the type thrown into the lake.

In he visited England to present his political supporters' grievances before the imperial government. The sympathetic hearing he received outraged Upper Canadian conservatives. Inwhen the Reformers won a majority on the newly created Toronto City Council, iwlliam was elected its first mayor.

At the end ofhe was elected to the provincial Parliament again. Macknzie, he was defeated at biographhy polls inand by mmackenzie fall an embittered Mackenzie turned his mind to armed revolt.

Rebellions of On 5 Decemberconvinced that he would gain spontaneous support, he led an erratic expedition william lyon mackenzie biography Yonge Street towards Toronto.

The rebels amckenzie to march to the house of Lieutenant-Governor Sir Francis Bond Head and perhaps City Hall. However, the plan failed due to disorganized leadership and a lack of discipline. As the force neared Toronto it was dispersed by a few shots from loyalist guards. On 7 December, loyalist troops under Head marched north to Montgomery's Tavern and easily defeated the rebels.

Mackenzie fled to the US and attempted to continue the rebellion from Navy Island in the Niagara River. He declared a provisional government and issued a proclamation calling for American-style democratic reform. Canadian militia bombarded the island and sank the rebel supply ship Caroline. Fellow rebels Samuel Lount and Peter Matthews were captured and executed for treason after pleading guilty to participating in the rebellion.

Exile Mackenzie moved to New York willizm he founded Willizm Gazette. However, he was convicted of violation of the US neutrality laws and imprisoned for a year, falling ill and deeper in debt.

william lyon mackenzie biography

He spent the next 10 moon ji yoon biography in the US, biograpphy finding employment as a correspondent for the New York Daily Tribune. During exile he hiography several books, including The Sons of the Emerald IsleThe Lives and Opinions of Bilgraphy Franklin Butler and Jesse Hoyt and The Wil,iam and Times of Martin Van Buren Mackenzie returned to Canada in following a government pardon.

Undaunted, he quickly resumed both his journalistic and his political careers, serving with characteristic energy as MLA for Haldimand until retirement in and occasionally publishing a political squib, usually entitled Mackenzie's Weekly Message.

The fiery and principled Scot died at his home on Bond Street, now one of Toronto's historic sites and museums.

william lyon mackenzie biography

More recently, his legacy has been fraught with controversy, and he has been hailed as both a political failure and a political hero. Detractors cite his lack of coherent leadership as a fatal flaw. Yet despite the failed rebellion ofMackenzie helped to define the necessary elements of a democratic society in a fledgling nation.

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  • You are absolutely right. In it something is also to me it seems it is good thought. I agree with you. Like her son, Elizabeth Mackenzie was extremely proud, but unlike him she was deeply religious, a convert to the Secession or anti state-support branch of Presbyterianism which often produced reformers.

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